Denise Massar is an author, a mom via birth and adoption, and an adoptee. She writes about parenting, relationships, caregiving, racism, and anything else she can’t stop thinking about. 

Memoir and essay are her favorite genres, as a reader and a writer. When her fourth-grade classmates were losing their shit over Ramona Quimby, Denise was happily vibing with Erma Bombeck.

A Washington State native, she earned her MA in creative writing from Central Washington University. Her essays have been published in HuffPost, Writer’s Digest, RAISE MagazineTODAY ParentingAn Injustice! Magazine, and she’s a frequent guest blogger for Jane Friedman.

Denise lives in Southern California with her three kids, three cats, and a nervous Beagle-mix.

Denise Massar

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