Black Babies Cost Less to Adopt

We were two months into our search for a baby when a friend of a friend told us how she and her husband had found their daughter a few years before. They’d worked with a facilitator at For Keeps Adoptions in Santa Monica — the facilitator’s name was Carol, she said, and she’d been wonderful…

A book excerpt from BIRTH MOMS AREN'T SAINTS AND I'M NO SAVIOR, by Denise Massar

Growing up, describing the time before they brought me home, Mom had said things like, “A couple took care of you for us.”

Hate Asians? You’re Really Gonna Hate Dying

Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in May of 2020. Her treatment required a large medical team: oncologists, radiology specialists, surgeons, nurses, hospice workers — the list goes on, and of the twenty or so medical professionals…

We’re a Mask-wearing, Quarantining Family; We Vacationed in Zion National Park, and You Can Too

Like many of you, we canceled our summer vacation, one that would’ve required getting on an airplane, back in April, when it became clear that quarantine wasn’t ending any time soon…

As an Adoptee, I Knew My Son Needed These 5 Things From His Birth Mom

I was adopted via closed adoption in 1972, and forty years later, my husband and I adopted our son via open adoption…


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